India Vaccination Phase 3[1st April] : All people above the age of 45

The third phase is for all people above the age of 45, with or without co-morbidities.

India begins its phase 3 of the COVID-19 vaccination drive from Thursday, 1 April, onwards while witnessing a more severe second wave of COVID cases.

1 April also marks the opening of the Co-WIN portal for registration and booking of appointments for all eligible citizens.

Covid-19 test : Can be done on a smart phone

Yes, you heard right from your own smartphone, you will be able to test your Covid-19.

Scientists have created a stamp size chip with which you can test the Covid-19 from your smartphone. Scientists said that you will get the result of this test from your smartphone in 1 hour.

This chip has been made by the researchers of Rice University.

This test process is much simpler than the swab test.

“Mechanical engineer Peter Lilhoz of Rice Lab said that this device is so good that you will not have to go to the lab for the test.”

How to possible with a smart phone

To test the device, the researchers had to depend on those who had donated the ceram and who were corona positive. A device named POTENTIOSTAT is connected with Google Pixel 2 phone which completes the test with just 230 picograms of ceramics. This test is similar to the antibody test, because information about antibodies is also obtained in it.

Explain that after putting the sample on the chip, a tube is used. After this, a magnet is present in the chip which directs the ceramics directly to the electrochemical sensor. In the end, the chip transmits the remaining information to the app present in the phone, after which all the process is completed and finally you get the result of corona on the smartphone.

Scientists have really done wonders, now we can test COVID-19 on our own smart phone. Now we all hakkve to run away with a COVID-19.

Without internet & without network, smartphone will be connected to each other[Google releases- WifiNanScan]

Google has launched a new APP.


In which the device can be connected even if there is no internet connection i.e. all the work related to WiFi will be done with the help of this app even if the phone is not networked.

The name of this app is WifiNanScan.

Now know about this app-

  • With this app, if you want to send the document safely to the printer, then you can easily send it from  without internet.
  • You can book a seat in a restaurant, you can book a movie’s ticket – using the app from Without Network.
  • With the help of this app you will be able to share messages and data among themselves without Bluetooth and WiFi connection.
  • This app works with all devices of OS version of Android 8.0 and above and provides the facility to search and connect directly to each other without any kind of connectivity between them.
  • Google claims this app completely safe
  • The application has been developed as a testing platform for vendors, developers and other stakeholders, enabling them to develop advanced peer-to-peer ranging and data transfer applications.

Cars to be launched in India: April,2021

The list of the below car will be launched in April:

April is going to be a special month for the auto industry.

[1]Skoda Octavia

This car can be launched in April. Many advanced features have been given in this car.

[2] Maruti Suzuki Celerio

Maruti Suzuki is coming with a new version in April.

This car can be launched in April End.

[3] Hyundai Alcazar

South Korean auto company Hyundai will also launch in April.

[4] Mahindra Bolero

Mahindra company to launch Mahindra Bolero with new updates and new features.

It will also be launched next month.

[5]Citroen C5 Aircross

It is a French company.

It is going to be launched in India for the first time.

Will launch on 7 April.

It will have the latest features.

We have just received this much information and keep reading our blog to get related news and information about similar technology.

New Google features: Google Lens

We all know Google is great.. Google has so many useful features…But you might not have heard of this feature

This feature of Google is very special. Through this feature, users can get information about any object. To use this feature, users have to go to Google and give the command of Google lens and after that the camera of the device will open. Now point the camera towards the object whose information you want to get. Black colored dots will appear on the phone screen. This means that this feature is analyzing the object. After a few seconds, users will get information related to that object.

First click Google Lens icon

Take a photo of the text you want to Search

You will get the results

In short, Google has such features that we can know the object appearing in any photo, what it is, and as a result, Google also opens some webpages.

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